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Furcadia Installer Browser (FIB)


FIB is a .NET2.0 application that can access the files within a Furcadia installer and allows its user to:
  • See what files does the installer contain and optionally, sort the list by name or file size.
  • Open single files from within the install package - double-click a file in the list and it will open in a program associated with it.
  • Extract selected files (or all of them) from within the install package.
  • Check for corrupted files within the install package by validating their CRC checksum.
  • Comparison between two installers:
    • Compare the contents of two Furcadia installers and see the difference between them.
    • Extract only the different files from within both installers.

This program is intended for Furcadia technicians and can prove to be helpful during beta testing of new Furcadia releases.

System Requirements

FlashFurc requires the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher in order to run. Those should be available by default in an up-to-date Windows XP and higher. Try it! If it doesn't work, you may have to download a .NET redistributable package: .NET 2.0

Note: You don't need Furcadia installed in order to use this program!

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